The Den


15 Broad Street Hay on Wye HR35DB

Come and join us if you're local at the new Studio; The Den!

With this new, much smaller place I’ve been very kit-selective - and the beauty of opening a new business is one can design it to fit our current circumstances.

So here the emphasis here is on a bespoke SERVICE in a Covid-aware environment. 

We've worked hard to make this a place of beauty where everything before has beebn replaced and every surface painted! 


Take a look around. We hope to be open beginning August but will retail from 21.7.20 come and see us soon!


I'm listening to you and exactly what you want (as before), but there will be far more ‘follow on’.

There is no point in having beautiful facilities, if you are then jeopardising all you’ve worked for with a poor diet, not enough sessions, or an ineffective programme for your needs.

It’s now an exclusive space and even post-Covid, an appointment system will be used allowing only 3 clients in max, so you’re safe with bags of room. It will be FAR easier to keep all the equipment sterile and I'll provide a stunning service.

I think the timing is just right for an intimate and boutique space.

So; Small Group Personal Training once a month.

Outdoor training with Nordic Walking

Pop up classes


Nutritional advice

Virtual training (watch me on a monitor so you can train even when I'm not there - warm ups, the sessions, cooldowns ... all broken down into easy to follow segments, and systems that you can follow, and I can track to monitor progress a month later.


Up to 4 sessions a week for the fee (more sessions would cost a little more), an appointment system so you are never overbooked and lastly:


How can you describe Health, Fitness, Optimal nutrition and (the dreaded word) – ‘Wellness’? (a word I hate!)

You can’t!

So it’s all based on foxes and it’s called The Den! 07967022191