The Den

Training Studio in Hay


Hay's new training studio

Welcome to our stunning new  studio - 'The Den'.
Here all you foxy Vixens can access the studio and it's all to yourself (or take a friend). Two max means privacy.

You'll get guidance from me, I'm an experienced Personal Trainer; with personalised exercise plans. Bespoke because no clients are the same in terms of posture, what they want, their nutritional needs, sleep hygiene and everything else you'd expect. You're a member of a club but with a PT leading the way. An easy to use booking system ensures you'll always have space to work out. You'll love it here!

The equipment

Enjoy brand new, state of the art: Ski Erg, Elliptical Trainer and Spinning Bike, lots of hand weights, Bench, Rack and discs, Griprs, Step, Barre, and more, to get you really fit. I've dismissaed all the equipment we used to have - we stick to a select few but the optimal in terms of what they do for YOU. Low impact and effective, working the entire body in multi planes (less injurious)


Included in your price plan

Benefit from live online workout classes with 'The Wilderness Workouts' via Facebook Live, and in the Parish Hall. You've got Freestyle Fitness Yoga, Barre Conditioning, Metabolic Mastery (Cardio), Restorative Pilates and MORE (as I do more within these classes). Also Monthly Swimsanity and occasional Wyld Walking

3 simple steps to get started

Step 1

Select your pricing plan

Choose between Vixens and Alpha. We also have 3, 6 and 12 month options to save!



Our Vixens package is suitable for most people. Providing exceptional value for money, you'll get access to The Den studio for workouts  designed for you by me, using state of the art machines and equipment, and 5 online workouts a week (The Wilderness Workouts), Swimsanity 1/12 and Wyld Walking


Step 2

Book your consultation

Cat will call you

We know you're eager to get into the Studio for your first session, but before you do we have to meet you to share a few details, provide the door code, and show you around the machines. Once you've paid for your plan, Cat will get in touch within 24 hrs to arrange your consultation.

Document with Pen

Now you're a fully fledged member, you can  make full use of your membership...

Book your first session

Once you've had your consultation/induction with Cat, you'll have the door code to access the studio independently. You can book 4 sessions per week via our online booking system*.

*4 sessions as an average


Step 3

Get involved

The Wilderness Workouts

As part of your membership you have access to 'The Wilderness Workouts'. All you have to do is join our exclusive Facebook group to access live classes 6 days a week. Follow the link below.

You'll be accepted within 24hrs

Join the Vixen family

We highly recommend you join the facebook group exclusively for members of The Den. Here you can pal up, arrange to come in together, schedule group sessions and hear about bonus pop-up classes with Cat.

You'll be accepted within 24hrs

Where to find us