This Cork Yoga Mat is perfectly designed for health and environmental protection, which contains no contaminants. The bottom material made of 100% recyclable TPE with hypoallergenic, durable and comfortable materials.Scope received from SGS EU certification.


The surface of the yoga mat dries very quickly, the natural grip of the cork makes the surface even more non-slip with increasing humidity. And the base of this yoga mat made of high quality tear-resistant TPE material, adheres perfectly to the floor and does not move during sports and does not bend.


The size 183x65cm x 6mm, is suitable for both beginners and users with a lot of experience. The flexible and stable yoga mat protects your knees and elbows in the long term.


The professional yoga mat has lines that effectively corrects yoga posture. And the lines will help you easily find the center of gravity in different exercises. Ideal for yoga, pilates, gymnastics, sports exercises, training etc.


The cork is odour resistant and easy to clean, does not contain dirt or mildew. After cleaning, place it in a well-ventilated place where it does not receive direct sunlight, and once dry you can store it in the carry bag.

Yoga mat in cork