Just some of the wide-ranging benefits of Epsom Salts include:
• Eases strain and relaxes tired, stiff or aching muscles
• Relieves pain and muscle cramps
• Promotes sleep and stress reduction
• Soothes your nervous and digestive systems
• Helps to eliminate toxins from your body
How to use our Epsom Salts
The most effective way to get the many benefits of Epsom Salts is to dissolve the crystals in a soothing hot bath, then lie back and relax. For optimum results, soak in a water temperature of 36-40°C for 15-20 minutes, to allow the magnesium sulfate to be absorbed and relax your body. 
Our Epsom Salts come in a range of convenience box sizes as well as 1kg sachet multi-packs. Plus, you get free UK next day delivery on all orders.
For muscle relaxation we recommend 500g-1Kg of salt per regular sized bath. For general wellbeing, dissolve 250-500g of Epsom Salts and enjoy, up to three times a week for optimum benefits.
All our Epsom Salts are BP Grade Epsom Salts.

BP Grade Epsom Salt, also known as Magnesium Sulphate was named after the town of Epsom in Surrey where it was originally prepared from the town’s mineral waters

What does BP grade mean? BP stands for British Pharmacopoeia and means that the Epsom Salt is produced to the pharmaceutically accepted grade.

The BP grading is being phased out and is being replaced by the FCC grading. This means it meets the specification laid down in the United States Food Chemicals Codex.

Epsom Salts Top Quality