What training type are YOU?!

In your training do you go with how you FEEL or do you love stats?

There’s no right and wrong here – IF it keeps you on board and interested. I’ve noticed there are clients types - but it's VERY hard to ascertain from the off, where any given individual may lie!

Some clients that come in all guns blazing – doing so many sessions a week, focused and keen ….. until they aren’t! They miss one session and they’ve 'blown it' (in their minds). Then, despondent and feeling like they’ll never get back on the horse, the next thing you know they’re crossing the street to avoid me (ha)! (this has happened - yet I'd never nag!)

You’ll also get the clients who want to monitor stats; maybe by weighing themselves (sometimes a few times a day).. and again there’s nothing wrong with this (although a little excessive) - UNLESS the stats haven’t moved or gone in the direction they want to. De-motivation follows, and again - often meaning they revert to previous regime feeling nothing is possible and its hurdles all the way! It also means the whole experience is being ‘externalised’ – kinda removed from the instincts or pure joy of getting fit and into whatever shape you want to be.

Some clients have real ambition and goals – which is fabulous BUT it can be short term and immediate – so they want to dead lift a certain weight soon, or run a certain distance (in a certain time!).. which is often unrealistic - and of course IF they go too heavy, fast, or far will almost definitely lead to injuries! A big set back again from which they might never re-motivate.

Some clients come ready, loaded to the hilt with technology – on their wrists, around their chests and linked to their phones and suchlike and again there is NOTHING wrong with this but it can sometimes lead to obsession - with how many calories burnt, steps taken or how they compare to someone across the other side of the world! This can all suck the fun out of simply walking mindfully, noticing nature or eating for pleasure too, but with a simple overview to keep your aspirations intact?!

And take sleep apps – in some instances people are getting insomnia from the worry of what the readings will yield the next morning!

Health anxiety is at epidemic levels ANYWAY with all we've been through recently and the constant bombardment from the media (remember they like ANYTHING new - doesn't mean its accurate or here to stay!) and some of these gadgets make it worse!

Lastly - the client who wants to tackle so many things at the same time it is an impossible dream! So they want to get fit - across the board, eat well, lose two dress sizes, sleep better and re-hydrate. Much better to focus on jus one or two and nail that then move on So: monitor but space it out. Baby steps – go for less goals until you’ve nailed the current ones. Create an overview and hold back from going too far too soon! And if you want to sort out from the top of the pyramid - get your sleep patterns sorted as a priority (focus on anything that will achieve a good nights sleep - from that everything else will fall more easily into place. Perfect!


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