Getting fit isn't just about the aesthetic

Updated: May 31, 2020

I remember Kate Garraway saying “she wants to ‘get stronger because she’s noticed it gives you more courage”. I totally get that! I thought I would approach this article differently and look at the myriad reasons to embrace fitness OTHER THAN the usual fat loss, ‘toning’, and aesthetic. I asked clients and fellow fit-pros too! I got a deluge! Here goes:

‘I feel I’m actually a better driver, more in control because I’m strong’.
‘Long distance running, I'd be driving somewhere and knowing that I could also run that distance was so satisfying and I made me feel safe somehow that if I got stranded or broke down, I could always run home’!
‘A lady was attacked with a hammer by a man whilst she was out walking and she was in no doubt that being strong enough to fight him off saved her life’.
‘I’ve been weight training and husband said, leave that bag of shopping for me it’s heavy. Picked it up and nearly shot out through the roof of the car’!
‘It helps with mental health issues too, how it makes you feel once you've done it, not always in the "mood" before hand! But during, when you get into it how happy you feel and after the feeling of accomplishment’.

We all change when we work out and we can be whatever we wish; we can summon confidence, grace, strength, summon that little ballerina, channel the dancer we wanted to be, perform a little, stand taller, hold our frame and rock it - even though we are non-dancers, middle aged and maybe putting it on around the middle! and so many women have told me that classes got them through divorce, bereavement, and depression. One lady I know said she is certain she got promoted at work because she feels more confident since exercising regularly and feeling better in herself.

Never underestimate the mental health benefits. Time for yourself. A switch off from other things whilst you concentrate on moves. The social aspect of a class situation. We laugh so much.

Enough reasons to start with The Wilderness Workouts?! This is heavily edited I have so many more! JOIN US!

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