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Catch me with Swimsanity sessions and Instructor training too!

I seem to mainly cater for women and of all ages. Swinsanity is the best for all ages too and many clients LOVE water more than dry land! But where I find it excels is for ladies who are either senior citizens or overweight. We can ALL work together in the pool but with Swimsanity I can truly work with multi levels. (Athletes would get as much from it as this demographic, even within the same session, in the same pool, it’s that good!)

But this demographic requires specialist care and involves more focused work with me. We have issues pertinent to age such as osteoporosis, kyphosis, scoliosis, arthritis and more. I’m often working under the umbrella of their physios or rehab, and it’s never too late to make improvements to their strength, posture and wellbeing.

I’ve done a lot of work now with osteoporosis (OP), and I’d like to put to bed a myth recently dispelled (we were ALL advised of this one years ago): I’ve been working with a Personal Training client who discovered (quite by chance after a fall), she had OP.

We did some nice, creative work together and she really put the work in.

After many sessions of mainly weights and Barre work, I felt it would certainly do no harm for her to join my Swimsanity sessions in the pool. Obviously, when you’re in the water EVERY move you make is against resistance, BUT it isn’t weight bearing or ‘jolty’ (both renown to stimulate bone density). But my every instinct said do it anyway - and guess what! The latest research says YES: water exercise builds bone! This is exciting because as I said - I KNOW how many people love working out in water (and may seriously struggle on dry land). It’s also really good for arthritis and is also anti inflammatory as the water presses against the body as it does a dam. You also cannot fall. The only caveat is that you are jumping and hopping (working to different intensities). This is not as hard core as it sounds – we do this anyway!

In studies (I have the stats – just ask) - the water exercisers increased bone density throughout the body, and specifically in the spine and femur. If you are of Autumnal age and in need of a little help with your health look out for this session. If I find a pool as I travel I’ll use it and have all the kit on board! Even if I move on I’ll give you the pdf to follow what we’ve done!

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