Steep learning curve

It's exciting starting a new business but fraught too, with so much to put together and technicalities to absorb! We were slightly under pressure as I couldn't afford to let my existing clients wait, and there are a gazillion ideas, new projects, upgrades, add-ons and improvements yet to come. But I can see how this whole project might have traction, and it's been AMAZING going out into nature. Funnily enough Day 1 was the best of all but might have mistakenly lead me to think that ALL the sessions would be a breeze (and the actual breeze on such a hot sunny day even at 9.15 was perfect!)

This first outing was at Arthurs Stone, so really set the tone for FF Yoga. There was a point I was looking ahead in mountain pose and a HUGE Hare the size of a cat ran past, in the bare (and baked), field ahead! Further in to the session I was in downward dog and right behind me, looking between my knees was the main kite shaped top SLAB of a stone that forms the ridge of the collection and I thought of all the rituals that might have taken place there 5000 years ago and felt quite humbled. The music wouldn't work (it did but in the bright light I couldn't see it was ON!), but in the event the bird song was more than enough to work from.

Although I've been doing classes online in a studio I fashioned at home for the last 10 weeks its not QUITE the same as finding, preparing for, and arriving at an outdoor location, and I messed up a few times. One session will probably need to come off as there was too much wind and noise BUT I am learning as I go. Face the camera at all times (or my voice can get blown away).... keep it slow (advice I'd give anyone), and get enough sleep - I've been so anxious to get there on time I wake up at 5.30 which is decidedly NOT my natural waking point! Long term I want to get ahead by one week so I'll need to work really hard to get to that sophistication planning wise, and even then we need a plan B in case the weather turns (or worse, reception dips).

One of the best ideas so far is to recce a location when I walk the dogs to check for 3/4G ready to return with a session - and also to invite people for a 1-2-1 free IF they can recommend a site to use (especially useful if they can also check out the internet there! I'll have to stick to this area for now (no camp sites are open yet), so if you're in the HR3 area let me know if you'd like to join in! This week Snod Hill castle would suit me well for Freestyle Pilates on Friday, and I know a stunning little stone circle near Kington which would work well for Yoga soon. Stay tuned and see where we go!

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