Fascinating Fascia!

Years ago when dissecting cadavers to examine the anatomy of humans ,they’d be so intent on examining the organs, muscles, bones, tendons and ligaments, they’d throw away the connective tissue which wove around, layered in, and wrapped around them all, like a MATRIX throughout the body!

Indeed when I studied my Personal Training it was, even then, barely mentioned .. yet now its THE buzz word in Fitness and Health and that word is FASCIA! This collagen dense material attaches, stabilises, encloses, and separates muscles and organs – holding them in place. But it can mess up too - ever noticed how the body can hold bad patterns? How the benefits of a stretch might not last for long before it snaps back into tightness? How the body can hold asymmetry which never quite goes away, like its moulded badly and won’t fix? Fascia can become congested, and hold scar tissue. Imagine a typical circular cob web – if you pull one end it will impact quite a different area. That can be how fascia behaves in the body. In addition we can literally be ‘muscle bound’. If the fascia is ‘sticky’ the muscle can’t move effectively. This has all been known for some time and until recently we have remoulded using foam rollers, and similar kit but this is often painful or poorly executed, which can have adverse effects. There is now an exciting new way to treat our bodies whereby areas can wake up, re-energise, clear dense tissue, so yield more flexibility, and even get stronger (because some of the work ‘against yourself’). This, in turn gives you better sleep, improved digestion, better posture, mental clarity, enhance your current sports practises, and give immediate and long term benefits.

These techniques flip traditional stretching upside down!With the usual sports stretches you’ll take the muscle to a longer length then push it a bit more (often causing the opposite to desired effect as the muscle says “enough” and protectively shortens). Here we don’t need to take it to end range (the most effective part is at the beginning of the movement), so is perfectly safe! (we shorten, activate, then move in the opposite direction)! Some of the stretches are really creative, need minimal equipment (wall, towel), but you will feel AMAZING for it! (ask my online clients!)


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