Everything you ever wanted …..

Is just beyond your comfort zone!

Don’t know about you but over all our lock downs I’ve got so used to SITTING! At one point it got easier to sit than stand and was becoming my default! Thank goodness I’m still doing my online classes every day and walking my mutts – this just about held me together. Like I always said – if you’ve got no real motivation (‘driver’), or end point (goal) … you can just let it drift… Luckily a few things happened.

First we got the whiff of the end of this pandemic in sight (vaccinations and the lock down paying off), meaning I could see my clients live again - there is nothing more motivating!) .. I found love (a very strong incentive to look and feel your best), and a friend lent me a book on Wim Hof, (The ‘Ice man’) - I then kept seeing his name all over the place so I bought his latest book as well).

Now you know how I love our landscape and getting into it. I teach Nordic Walking and go to some fabulous, wild and inspiring places. I also intend to start taking groups out to do Forest Bathing (nothing to do with water - it is simply a method of immersing yourself into the Forest and experiencing it’s ‘invitations’. (So in essence; mindfulness/walking meditation outdoors).

This was the direction I was heading well before the Pandemic. But this is all well within my comfort zone! I have a few friends who do wild swimming and have always called them bonkers. I’m a heat seeking Leo and the thought of getting cold under any circumstances does not appeal. HOWEVER anything with huge health benefits I WILL investigate and try it.

I’m now committed to doing the following: Deep, expansive breathing for around 20 mins at the very start of the day – all following Hof’s method - followed by my usual shower but turning it to cold for 30 seconds to start with, gradually getting this to 2 mins by the end of the 10 days. The day after the first time, I got up as normal, fed the dogs/let them out, then felt ridiculously shattered went back to bed and slept til 11.30! A GOOD SIGN!

I'll be offering a 4 week progressive course in this. If I can do it ANYONE CAN! (and I'm not fully doing it but this will ensure I do! I've already started the breathing and cold showers- I'll then start in the summer by dipping in rivers and pools and after this try to keep it going into the winter. All I need to offer si this process but can you imagine combining Nordic Walking, Forest Bathing and this? All coming soon!


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