Down at The Den

Hey! How are you all doing? Have you maintained or even IMPROVED your health over lockdown? That was what I hoped for my clients! I see so many more bikers, walkers, joggers and have had many requests for equipment hire (the UK sold out effectively, I know that from selling all the stuff at Gym & Tonic in 10 days flat!!).

I’m guessing all this new activity is down to more free time on our hands, and to relieve lockdown boredom. Can this can be sustained, even after life returns to relative normality? (could we also hope for lower pollution levels, senseless real-life meetings that could easily be held online, and our allowing nature to thrive - there's so many more butterflies and smell the clean air this year!

As I type we’re tentatively easing out of lockdown, but here in Wales we still have no news as to when Gyms can re-open. So -why would that bother me when I was hoping to travel around the UK in my vintage campervan doing classes as I went?!

Because in the last month I have taken on another space on a high street location, and formed another studio! All this time, I’ve kept doing my online sessions, my promise being NO equipment (as some clients had none). You know what? We’ve still manged to sustain good fitness levels – and although its fun to have some kit choice and I’d ALWAYS use weights (even privately) … one can get by equipment free - but ONLY if you’re doing enough to keep your previous fitness levels intact. So; with this new, much smaller place I’ve been very kit-selective - and the beauty of opening a new business is one can design it to fit our current circumstances.

So here the emphasis is on a bespoke SERVICE in a Covid-aware environment. Listening to exactly what my clients want (as before, but there will be far more ‘follow on’). There is no point in having beautiful facilities, if you are then jeopardising all you’ve worked for with a poor diet, not enough sessions, or an ineffective programme for your needs. It’s now an exclusive space and even post-Covid, an appointment system will be used allowing only 3 max, so you’re safe with bags of room. It will be FAR easier to keep it all sterile and I'll provide a stunning service. I think the timing is just right for an intimate and boutique space.

Lastly: How can you describe Health, Fitness, Optimal nutrition and (the dreaded word) – ‘Wellness’? (a word I hate!) You can’t! So it’s all based on foxes and it’s called The Den! 07967022191


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