Do you have a ‘pudding tummy’?

Updated: May 31, 2020

Do you have a ‘pudding tummy’?! (Do you always seem to have room for pudding, no matter that you’ve just eaten a big main? I hear you!

Its an interesting phenomenon I have studied well (someone had to!) and as always – knowledge is power! It’s not always greed but how we are hardwired. Sugar and all things delicious can override the usual chemical signals produced by the stomach to say we are full. This is because of the pleasure they generate, leaving our balance disturbed.

There is evolutionary logic at play: In the past at times when we might not have access to much food (let alone calorie dense foods), the ability to eat beyond when the stomach is stretched to a certain threshold, not knowing when the next meal might come, was really important! And limiting one food and encouraging room for others means filling more nutritional bases.

As you eat your main course you might notice – the more you eat, the less you like it (exception: The ‘Con club’ steak and chips – in Hay-on-Wye)! ... but introduce a new taste sensation (pud), and you can go again! The bad news? You’ll likely eat up to 60% more calories! Add this to the fact that some are more in tune with their satiety thresholds than others (with multifarious and complex reasons behind this too), and it all adds up to overeating (we are rarely starving nowadays), and although the odd pud is FINE, too many can lead to hyperinsulinism, diabetes, and constantly irregular energy levels.

Cat’s top tips:

  • Have a starter instead of pud (for the same variety effect). If eating out (research shows) just THINKING about saying no to pud well before you are asked helps you to say ‘no’!

  • Before you order try eating a mint (often enough).

  • Share a pud (they’re often WAY more than we need).

  • Go coffee with that disc of chocolate (that’ll do it).

  • Have less calorific desserts ready to hand such as fruit salads, frozen yogurt, or just less sweet puddings. At home DO NOT buy biscuits etc but do keep bananas (say).

  • Cravings - Try (such as) peanut butter on toast with just a smearing of jam (lush!). The less sugar you have the less you’ll want, and now we know a little of what is going on this may help too!

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