Every month I write for a local magazine - my allowance is 380 words and every month I’m either passionate about something or at a total writers-block loss!

This month - ready for the December issue - I was at a total loss (I’ve written every month without fail for at least 10 years so it can be quite an ask sometimes) - and then my sister suggested writing about alcohol

I’m a health professional so up until now I’ve kept schtum!!

But now I’m feel ready to reveal - to well over 10,000 readers (eeeek), - that I did indeed have a problem and this is the result!

I feel so passionately about this that I went way over on my word allowance so decided to split it into two. (I also edited it for that article and then added more back in from my own pages and groups - this is what you see here):

Here goes:

“Whether you are into ‘keeping fit’ or not, much of this will apply anyway – but it tends to be that those who are into fitness (mind-body or metabolic), that notice how they are; in other words how their bodies and mindset are responding to whatever session they’re doing. It’s the regularity of those same sessions that give you that perfect gauge. So: If you’re used to doing a certain run in a certain time and you finish well over that time you’ll be analysing what’s gone wrong. It may be that the wind is blowing in the wrong direction, or those trainers are worn out.... Similarly - Yoga, Pilates – your head may not ‘be in the right space’, you may feel stiff and unresponsive. In Downward dog you may feel dizzy and want to come out. You may find it hard to be in the zone. It MIGHT be the row you had with your better half last night…. Or all this may well be: that you are drinking too much and/OR too regularly!!

There are plenty who can perform (and even perform well), after a night on the tiles (‘high functioning’). In fact there’s many who can do their normal day to day work with a demanding work load or in mentally taxing careers (hence the need for wine o’clock in the first place – it’s the go-to, to relax, once they’re home)… BUT the effects of the demon drink are well documented and as Xmas comes around, then new year – this might be a great time to take a closer look at your alcohol consumption.

I’m coming from a place where I totally get it. I’m a fit pro. I used to do a lot of jumpy dancy stuff. I ran a busy health club, performed or ran 12-14 classes a week and I’m naturally (normally) a high energy gal - so I’d get home BUZZING! How to get mellow fast? The old red vino plonko used to do the trick nicely – until I realised it was getting to the point of way too often and the need was becoming way too strong. And there’s surely other ways to wind-down - (there are!). You’d never see me weaving down the street and I was known as ‘sensible’ – but it was becoming a problem to me. Thing is – it’s incredibly dehydrating. When I stopped completely (over two years ago now), it took quite some time before I knew I was fully topped up (you completely lose touch with what being fully hydrated feels like)!

As you’re essentially getting the equivalent of a big sugar rush each drinking session – you’re on a roller coaster of highs and lows - so will often seek out excessive carbs or sweet things - so your food choices can be dire.

You can imagine how this will impact your fitness, weight and performance levels!

Then there’s crippling vicious circles the anxiety and depression that often come with the hard stuff - but more on that next article! ....


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