Are you missing your sense of play in fitness?

For so long now I have implored all fitness enthusiasts to mix it up; to cross train (and by that I mean mix in Pilates or Yoga to your cardio workouts, so you’re not hammering certain muscles and neglecting others completely, plus recovering well during your workout week) - and two articles ago - to perhaps consider sometimes pulling away from relying on fitness gadgets too much (monitors and apps). Because in the quest to be accountable to these devices we might be in danger of losing that sense of tuning in to our bodies, and what they need in terms of recovery and becoming truly intuitive about our training.

I have seen runners with serious injuries ‘pushing through the pain’ to achieve their personal bests, or just to keep running (I have been guilty of this in the past), and sometimes to allow these devices to work us too hard (or not enough!), because you’re following figures or stats - not the self awareness required to be mindful to connect to your body, and your surroundings.

It’s only an opinion – we all have our different styles of training but I just read today research (British Journal of Sports Medicine), how continually pushing yourself can lead to a 2.5 times chance of irregular heart rhythms, or atrial fibrillation (think of the recent case of Christian Eriksen who suffered sudden heart failure).There’s no need to abandon technology completely and it’s invaluable to get you started (especially after a long period of nothingness), but to go without is so good for us. Here’s some challenges you can do though!

Go without for a week before you plug back in!

Try getting a really good nights sleep (no alarm) at least once a week! (my WORD does it make a difference!)…

Try drinking water with the tiniest pinch of Celtic salt (improves absorption), to the tune of at least 2L a day,

Have a COLD shower – building up to 2 minutes (start with tepid), it really wakes you up for the day!

Try making 80% of your meals healthy ones – but no harm in a little cheating – ENJOY your food!

Have a sauna or hot tub once a fortnight!

Go without alcohol – depending on how often you drink – and see how fabulous you feel!


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