STOP wearing out your body and listen to it!

Updated: May 31, 2020

I held an Embodied Yoga Principles (EYP) Workshop for 10 ladies, and it was a knockout success. One of the most satisfying events ever. Always marketed for no more than a select few as it is intimate work.

All women were perfect to be there. Utterly receptive, and a joy to work with, they ‘got it’ completely, and were not afraid to share (a lot of the best embodiment work comes from brief discussion in pairs (the debrief), as it cements what they’ve just done physically, (briefly - it’s taking Yoga practice – the psychological aspect ‘off the mat’ and into real life, serving you as you wish for any occasion you need it). In fact, it’s not just Yoga, but Tai Chi and Martial art influenced also.

I’m getting so excited for the future with very clear ideas about where to head. As decades pass, we tend to look for different experiences, so I’m happily taking complimentary courses to offer my client base the same. This means the I now cater in a very holistic way, for every aspect of health, and this so suits many of us anyway!

Personally, I am actually very relaxed about exercise (I stop completely, no problem at all, if on holiday say, and have clients who EASILY do more than me!). But I love ‘a bit of friendly competition’ and metabolic stuff!

So now as well as any metabolic mastery we do each week, we’re also providing gentle workshops in EYP, beautiful discussion on life and health with the FB page (The adventures of Cat Wyllie-Fox (where weight and fat loss are often the least important of our concerns), and, soon - amazing countryside walks wherever we may be! My mission is to get as many as possible into weights, (you'll need to buy some - 2.5's are the best for Athletic Pilates, protect our bones and bodies, minimise impact work and start to blend and fuse what is already at my disposal. Look out, lots to come! See you at a beautiful location on The Wilderness Workouts soon!

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