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Personal Training With me (Cat)

Hello ladies!

Quick intro: I specialise and have worked with, mainly women like me (of a certain age, and looking to keep the years at bay!). I'm 58 this year and still relish life! 


My philosophy is to work with your passions, and to follow what you love, whether that's with exercise or nutrition, and to also work in harmony with your specific body type because we are not all the same! 

A course of 5 sessions £300
Top up sessions £60 each



It's also crucial to understand how our hormones affect us during the peri, meno, and post menopausal years and I've studied and given seminars myself on this subject. For example - it's really not a good idea to constantly 'beast yourself' in your training regimes, and I'll explain why on our consultation.




Walking in nature is about the optimal you can do (especially after a normal training session)! Adding Yoga and Pilates will also add fantastically to your overall health and posture. More importantly these mind-body classes will help to de-stress you which is key to a smooth transition over our menopausal years and beyond. I like my clients to be strong and to protect bone health, so we'll work with weights and perhaps in water (Swimsanity), if you like that too (contrary to common belief working in water is great for prevention of osteoporosis)



As you might expect - I'm all about natural health so don't choose to work with me if you like any fad diets, lo-fat diets, or lots of running and personal bests or competitive, 'personal best' type training. (We WILL work to your personal bests but not against a clock!) 



So if you'd like to know more please contact me. The lovely thing about my life now, is I am so much more freed up so can devote a lot more time to this kind of work and it really IS a passion - I love 1-2-1 work, and the depth it brings. I'm a gentle coach but expect you to want the results we seek. Together we'll develop the tools to bring you everything you want and need. Very much based on our initial and subsequent thorough consultations, and training sessions (mostly equipment free). We will build your perfect day.... which will yield your perfect month.... (you get the idea). For all you seek 

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