Come join The Den and classes in Hay with me!


Meet me (Cat Wyllie-Fox)

I'll lead you into fabulous health, with 4 fitness classes in Hay (5 online fitness), a classy accessible studio right in the middle of town and over 20 years experience, I promise you enlightened health and fitness experiences,  to get you the results you seek!


So lots of choices, but the emphasis (as always), is on the best service possible for you!

I LOVE the outdoors, so we can Nordic Walk (Wyld Walking), do Swimsanity, as well as classes (See The Wilderness Workouts). I'll train you to use the studio too!

This is my 3rd fitness centre, but may well be the best combination yet - you'll certainly feel the benefits - pop in, call or email for any queries you may have. Let's go!

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